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Ethnic Arts has sold ethnographic and folk art from the villages of the world for 39 years. This well known Berkeley store has a diverse collection of textiles, jewelry, carvings, ritual pieces and cards. It's the Bay Area's source for David Marsh furniture, a whimsically original line of sustainable pine and recycled wood tables, cabinets, bookcases and mirrors. Visit OUR BLOG for news & store events.

Ethnic Arts



Bozo Ram Puppet, painted white, with patches in black, red and brown. Bozo Horse Puppet, Segou Region, Central Mali. In black, with red, white and yellow features and moveable jaw. Bozo Puppet Wart Hog, Segou Region, Central Mali.
This carved puppet from Central Mali is decorated with rows of carved scales and moveable gills. Painted silver grey, with yellow, red, black and green.
This Bozo puppet ram is white with black, red, brown and yellow details. It has been made for the annual masquerade performed by the Young Men's Association. As a source of food, herd animals have played a large role in the history of the tribe.
This horse puppet of the Bozo people of Central Mali is part of an annual masquerade telling the stories of the tribe. The horse features prominently in accounts of the migration of the tribe to their present location. A warthog with tusks and bristles, this puppet is painted black, with white and red details. Bristles made from nylon raffia and a natural vegetable fiber adorn its chin.