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Ethnic Arts has sold ethnographic and folk art from the villages of the world for 39 years. This well known Berkeley store has a diverse collection of textiles, jewelry, carvings, ritual pieces and cards. It's the Bay Area's source for David Marsh furniture, a whimsically original line of sustainable pine and recycled wood tables, cabinets, bookcases and mirrors. Visit OUR BLOG for news & store events.

Ethnic Arts



Ayala Bar necklace in sea foam and blue, with purple beaded center Ayala Bar earrings in hot orange, crimson and turquoise blue Ayala Bar necklace with red, pale blue and soft gold beads. 16" to 20" long Ayala Bar earrings in silvers and golds, with flower patterned center bead
This romantic and elegant necklace by Ayala Bar is a rich combination of cool blues and greens offset with tiny hints of purple and rosy pinks
Ayala Bar has used strikingly contrasting hot and cool colors in this pair of earrings.
This ultra feminine necklace by Ayala Bar contains rosy reds, soft blues and gold beads. In this necklace her signature collage-d beads are in a red and yellow flower design.
An Ayala Bar bead centers the earring, surrounded by a row of gold then a row of silvery colored beads. Beads of differing shapes and colors hang from the base.