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Ethnic Arts has sold ethnographic and folk art from the villages of the world for 39 years. This well known Berkeley store has a diverse collection of textiles, jewelry, carvings, ritual pieces and cards. It's the Bay Area's source for David Marsh furniture, a whimsically original line of sustainable pine and recycled wood tables, cabinets, bookcases and mirrors. Visit OUR BLOG for news & store events.

Ethnic Arts




Gold lipped mother of pearl shell currency, with twined cord decoration. From west New Britain Poli Bride Price, from Kabrum Valley, Papua New Guinea. Nassa shells sewn onto sago/plath cloth in tribal designs Yoruba bronze collar, used as currency. Nigeria. Bailor Shell Necklace - CUR08
Poli Bride Price
Our Price: $1,200.00
Yoruba Bronze Collar
Our Price: $4,200.00
From the west coast of New Britain, the traditional cut fan shape on the wing of this gold lipped mother of pearl shell currency has been covered with decorative twined wiring.
Poli bride price currency. Traded nassa shells from the coastal area are sewn in tribal motifs onto sago/plath cloth. From Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea.
Weighing 10 lbs, this bronze collar from the Yoruba people of Nigeria was worn by women. It served as both a symbol of prestige and currency.
This Bailor shell necklace is tribal currency used for bride price and wealth exchange ceremonies in the Waghi Valley of Highland New Guinea.